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Eric Rubino Quoted by The New York Times on Hotel Employment

New York, NY

Extreme Hospitality’s Eric Rubino was recently asked by Debra Kamin of The New York Times about retirees interest in taking jobs in the hospitality industry for hotel discounts and other travel perks. Mr. Rubino stated that “The labor pool for the hotel industry has been hit very hard, and these entry-level jobs have become harder to fill since the pandemic”. “For senior citizens, who maybe don’t mind working so hard, they can say, ‘I don’t need the money, but the travel benefit means a lot.'” Mr. Rubino estimates that since the beginning of the pandemic, at least 65 percent of new hires at the properties Extreme Hospitality works with are either post retirement or older than 50. Eric’s entire interview and the full article in Hotel Management Magazine’s August 2022 issue can be found at the link below. 

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Source: The New York Times Article: “Silver-Haired and Shameless About Perks: Retirees Take Part-Time Work in the Travel Industry