HFM Magazine Quotes Eric Rubino on Leadership

New York, NY

In ASHE’s November 2018 issue of Health Facilities Management Magazine, Extreme Hospitality’s Eric Rubino shared his take on associate recognition and leadership in an article focused on how to boost departmental recognition. Mr. Rubino stated, “When a leader starts a meeting or conversation by stating the issue or concern, then provides [his or her] idea to solve it, and lastly follows up with ‘but what do you think we should do?’ the team is most likely to agree with the manager or restate the manager’s idea in other words. Rather than fostering idea cultivation, this essentially eliminates the potential for a true productive meeting to brainstorm for solutions. Be the leader who isn’t afraid to appear stupid by asking multiple questions to better understand the team’s perspective and to cultivate the team’s innovative skills. Instead of giving your team the answers, lead your team to the answers.” The full article can be found in ASHE’s Health Facilities Management Magazine online at the link below. 

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Source: ASHE’s Health Facilities Management Magazine Article